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20 June 2024

Olcote Sanctuary: Providing a happiness boost to people living in care services

Olcote Sanctuary: Providing a happiness boost to people living in care services

The benefits of owning a pet are well-documented: giving beneficial effects to people of all ages in terms of interaction, fitness, responsibility and a reduction in stress. And now there is growing evidence that casual interaction with animals can bring benefits to the elderly.

Human Animal Interaction (HAI) is now increasingly being used in the US as a means of therapy to combat all kinds of challenges people face during aging. The regular responsibilities of owning a pet offer the opportunity to calm anxiety, maintain physical activity, drive a sense of purpose, and provide social connections (both with animals and with other humans as a direct result of ownership).

Structured visits from animal rescue centres like Olcote Sanctuary can offer care home residents the opportunity to interact regularly with different types of animals without the burden of ownership. Research, although at early stages, has indicated that there are benefits to the elderly in the following areas:

  • Happiness and wellbeing: HAI can increase dopamine levels.
  • Reduction in the preponderance of depression and anxiety by giving residents something to look forward to.
  • Cardiovascular health: HAI is linked to reduced blood pressure, lower heart-rate and faster recovery from mental stress.
  • Resource through loneliness &: Animals unconditional love and attention can give people the support that reduces feelings of isolation.

KPI Care’s Business Development Manager Rosie Lovatt said, “Olcote Sanctuary is a wonderful place that can give care homes something genuinely different in terms of resident interaction and enjoyment. It also reduces the burden of care staff to take residents out of a care setting by visiting the home directly.”

“KPI Care has teamed up with Olcote Sanctuary to offer this exclusive opportunity for care homes to give their residents a unique experience if they use our temporary staff*.”

If you care home is interested in taking up with this unique offer, call Rosie on 01782 956420, email RosieL@kpir.co.uk or click on the button below to be in with a chance of winning a FREE FARM VISIT from Olcote Sanctuary.

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