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05 February 2024

Apprenticeship at KPI: The New Route to a Career in Recruitment

Apprenticeship at KPI: The New Route to a Career in Recruitment

Apprenticeships are providing a successful route into careers in Recruitment at KPI. Four apprentices we enrolled last year are progressing well and are on course to complete their qualification later this year.

We asked our four apprentices: What do you enjoy most about working at KPI?

Oliver Garner – working with our Industrial Team in our Stoke Office.

“The thing I enjoy most is having an amazing team and them pointing me in the right direction regarding my apprenticeship journey so far; this is shown directly through them winning Branch of the Year and being shown the appreciation they well and truly deserve.”

Lauren John-Lewis – working with our Driving Team in our Crewe office.

“My experience at KPI so far has been brilliant! I enjoy the vibe, and the Driving Division team I’m working with drive me in the right direction to further my career.

The feeling of matching candidates to the best and most suitable job for them is unbelievable.”

Ellie Clarke – working with our Commercial Team in our Stoke Office.

“The people that I work with! Spirits are always high in the Stoke Head Office & I love the balance between having a laugh and getting along with the team whilst also getting our heads down, working hard and getting the job done.”

How to apply for an apprenticeship at KPI Recruiting

KPI will be recruiting more apprentices this year in the following areas:

  • Commercial recruitment in Warrington
  • Industrial recruitment in Wigan
  • Marketing in Stoke
  • Industrial recruitment in Crewe
  • Industrial recruitment in Telford

If you would like more information about our upcoming apprenticeships, please email our Human Resources Department at HR@kpir.co.uk.

Millie Johnson-Clarke – working with our Commercial Team in our Crewe office.

“From the beginning, my Apprenticeship experience at KPI Recruiting has been incredible. I cannot even begin to thank all of the amazing people here who have helped me to become the person I am today. From the start of my recruitment journey, there was a huge amount of support and encouragement from everyone, including Consultants and Directors.

I owe a very special thank you to Ryan Jardine for offering me this opportunity, as well as paying for 20 of my driving lessons… which led me to pass first time!

Another great big thank you goes to Charlotte Carr, my Commercial Manager, who has motivated me to make great choices and guided me to become successful in the recruitment world. KPI Recruiting plays a massive part in my life and has taught me how to become a hard-working adult. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them.”