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Working with a recruiter can take some of the stress off
Navigating the intricacies of a job search can often feel overwhelming, but it's essential to remember that you're not alone in this journey.

Collaborating with a professional recruiter can significantly alleviate the stress associated with the task. Recruiters bring expertise, industry insights, and a vast network of connections to the table, ensuring that your job search is more targeted and efficient. Their guidance and support can be instrumental in identifying suitable opportunities, crafting compelling resumes, and preparing for interviews, ultimately increasing your chances of securing your ideal position. So, don't hesitate to consider the invaluable assistance a recruiter can provide as you embark on your job search.
It's quick & efficient  Job hunting is time-consuming: by using a recruiter, you split the workload.

The process of finding the right job can often be a lengthy and demanding one. However, teaming up with a skilled recruiter can significantly expedite your search. Recruiters specialize in matching candidates with the right opportunities and have a deep understanding of their respective industries. By sharing the workload with a recruiter, you can tap into their vast network of job openings and industry contacts, saving you precious time and energy. This collaborative approach allows you to focus on what matters most – preparing for interviews and making well-informed decisions. In the fast-paced world of job hunting, efficiency is key, and working with a recruiter can make a substantial difference."

It's free  Recruitment agencies are entirely FREE for job seekers

Their job is to find you a job. When it comes to job hunting, it's reassuring to know that recruitment agencies are at your service at no cost. These agencies are dedicated to helping job seekers identify the right opportunities and match them with suitable positions. Their expenses are covered by the companies that seek their expertise in finding top talent, making their services a valuable and cost-free resource for individuals in pursuit of new career prospects. So, rest assured that with a recruitment agency, you have a team of professionals working tirelessly on your behalf, committed to securing the ideal job, without any financial burden on your part.
Our job Recruiters work for businesses every day and don't make money unless they fill vacancies.

Recruiters play a pivotal role in the employment landscape, tirelessly striving to connect employers with the right talent to fill their open positions. Their compensation is closely tied to successful placements, which means their motivation is aligned with your job-seeking goals. Recruiters invest their expertise, resources, and network to identify top candidates who match specific job requirements. Their dedication to helping businesses thrive by finding the best talent underscores their commitment to job seekers, as they only succeed when you do. In essence, recruiters act as vital allies, working in tandem with job seekers to navigate the competitive job market and secure meaningful employment opportunities.
Agencies have a wide variety of jobs – Some are not advertised and some companies only rely on recruitment agencies.

Recruitment agencies are treasure troves of job opportunities that often go unnoticed by job seekers. While some positions are openly advertised, many companies choose to exclusively collaborate with recruitment agencies to fill their job openings. This means that a significant portion of job opportunities is not readily available through traditional job boards or public listings. By partnering with a recruitment agency, you gain access to this hidden job market, tapping into a diverse range of positions that might align perfectly with your skills and career aspirations. It's a strategic move that broadens your job search horizon and increases the chances of discovering your dream job.
Agencies have a relationship with their clients Create a good relationship with an agency and you're creating a good relationship with many potential employers.

Building a strong rapport with a recruitment agency can open doors to a multitude of potential employers. These agencies establish long-term partnerships with businesses seeking top talent, which means that by nurturing a positive relationship with an agency, you're simultaneously fostering connections with a network of diverse employers. Your interactions with the agency serve as a testament to your professionalism and reliability, making you a preferred choice when presenting candidates to their client companies. This interconnected web of relationships can be a powerful asset in your job search, significantly expanding your reach and enhancing your prospects in the competitive job market.

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We pride ourselves on our excellent communication and relations with our candidates. It's more than just hiring, it's looking out for those who trust us to help them.


  • WE EMPLOY RECRUITERS who speak your language
    • KPI have over 100 dedicated recruiters who speak eighteen different languages
  • TRIED AND TRUSTED by candidates of a vast array of nationalities and languages
    • KPI has found jobs for thousands of British people, EU migrants and people visiting or settling in the UK from further afield.
    • KPI has relationships with small, medium & large businesses and many major UK brands, like ASDA, AO, Ann Summers, FEDEX, Wincanton, Serco and more.
    • KPI has been recruiting people since 2008 through booms, recessions, and COVID. We’re prepared for every eventuality.
    • KPI has a network of offices across the UK with relationships with many local and national employers.
    • KPI has access to jobs not advertised publicly plus we send out CVs speculatively to generate new opportunities across 10 sectors.