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Corporate Social Responsibility at KPI Recruiting

At KPI we recognise it’s important to act responsibly as an organisation and we focus on our obligation to employees, clients and candidates, and also to the wider community where we live and work. We do this in five distinct areas.

Our employees

  • Involvement: we inspire employees to share their ideas with us on both internal processes affecting them, and the way our service is provided to candidates and clients.
  • Encouragement: Through our annual business review we reward our high achievers, unsung heroes, top performers with awards, prizes and recognition.
  • Transparent: We maintain an open and honest approach in all our communications and keep our staff fully informed of our policies and procedures through our online system Bright HR.
  • Engagement: We update staff each month through our monthly newsletter, the KPI Chronicle, regularly hold staff events, and award a Star of the Month prize every month.
  • Support: Our people are at the heart of our business and we provide additional holidays and encourage a healthy work/life balance. KPI also offer a comprehensive Employee Assistant Program (EAP) providing FREE support helplines to provide advice and guidance on bereavement, financial troubles, mental health issues, child care and much more.

Equal Opportunities

  • KPI is committed to providing an environment of equal opportunities for our workforce and all our potential employees with regard to the type of work they do, their prospects for recruitment, development and promotion.
  • Appointments are made regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender, disability or any other means of discrimination.
  • We recognise the importance of education in our community & we support individuals to develop.
  • We actively encourage our employees to take up training courses, funded by ourselves.
  • We offer a number of work experience placements in partnership with local schools.
  • We work with Safer Opportunities; an organisation that provides work placements for SEN students

Local Business & Charity Partnerships 

  • KPI Recruiting seeks to foster positive relationships with local business communities through support and sponsorship programmes such as our work with South Cheshire, Staffordshire Chambers and Staffordshire University Business Awards.
  • We are committed to conducting business ethically, providing a safe and inclusive workplace and supporting local organisations and charities with fundraising and time.
  • We have established a number of practices and policies that set out our commitment to ethical trading, upholding equality and provide support for the wider community.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

  • KPI strives to engage with local suppliers wherever possible to meet the business’s operational needs, in order to support businesses within our area and minimise our carbon footprint.
  • KPI are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by favouring digital methods rather than print if possible and utilising video conferencing to reduce travel.
  • In respect of our entire CSR initiative, we expect no lesser standards from our suppliers and business partners.
  • Reducing waste is a key topic in our Director’s meetings and we strive to reduce the use of single use items and promote recyclable products if at all possible.
  • 80% of company cars purcahsed or contract hired at KPI Recruiting since 2021 are electric vehicles.

Ongoing commitment

We are fully committed to the principle of CSR and aim to ensure that no relevant policy decisions are made within the business, without first evaluating the potential CSR impact. For any further information on KPI's Corporate Social Responsibility policies, please contact Amanda Heywood, HR Director, at AmandaH@kpir.co.uk.