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What kind of jobs can industrial recruitment agencies offer me?

Industrial recruitment agencies typically offer work in warehouse or factory environments where goods are produced, processed, assembled, received, stored and/or dispatched. They also cover some agricultural areas such as fruit and vegetable picking or construction jobs such as labourers. Industrial jobs are generally a good choice if you want regular work, although it can seasonal and may therefore be temporary. There are also plenty of permanent jobs and temporary to permanent opportunities in the industrial recruitment sector.

Why should I register with KPI Recruiting to find warehouse work?

KPI Recruiting has been placing people in warehouse jobs since 2008. We have a strong track record in providing warehouse workers and production staff for some of the UK's biggest brands such as Aldi, Ann Summers, AO, ASDA, B&M, Jet2, Hobbycraft and more, so by registering with us, you'll hear about them first.

What kind of industrial jobs can you find at KPI Recruiting?
  • Warehouse Operative (Picker/Packer)

Warehouse Operatives are integral to the logistical machine. They ensure products are packed, organized, and ready for dispatch. Their responsibilities include picking and handling stock, packing and labelling, and maintaining warehouse cleanliness.

  • Manufacturing Operative (Production Operative, Assembly Operative, Assembler)

Manufacturing Operatives or Production Workers will be responsible for putting components together to produce, or part-produce, a wide range of goods from ceramics to cosmetics. They follow specific production processes and ensure quality standards are met.

  • Machine Operative

Machine Operatives will usually be part of a production or manufacturing process using machinery or automated production equipment. Machine Operative roles will often involve a degree of training and some are semi-skilled. Health & safety will be paramount.

  • Parcel Sorters
Parcel Sorters will usually work in the logistics industry and be responsible for sorting, logging and despatching parcels for third party logistics firms, delivery companies and couriers.
  • Cleaners

Industrial recruitment agencies will provide cleaners for specific types of workplaces such as warehouses, yards, factories or processing plants.

  • Forklift Truck Driver (FLT Driver)

Forklift Truck Drivers specialise in moving large goods around efficiently on industrial sites such as warehouses or builder’s yards. They operate forklifts to move heavy items, load/unload trucks, and maintain safety procedures. To become an FLT driver, you'll need to complete an approved forklift training course, which typically takes 3 to 5 days and combines practical learning with theory. There are different kinds of Forklift Trucks such as Reach and Counterbalance which each need specific training.

  • Food Production Operatives

Food Production Operatives are responsible for preparing, processing and packing food products which can include raw ingredients such as fruit, vegetables and salads, or baked goods such pizzas, garlic bread and pies. Hygiene is key to these jobs.

  • Other jobs offered by industrial recruitment agencies

Industrial recruitment agencies cater to various industries, including logistics, manufacturing, automotive, agriculture and public sectors, so also offer positions such as fitters, refuse collectors, yard operatives, warehouse managers, production managers, team leaders, process operators, CNC machinists, welders and quality control staff.

  • Labourers

Labourers work in industries such as construction, landscaping, and manufacturing. They perform physical tasks like lifting, moving materials, and assisting with construction projects.

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