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18 June 2024

Association of Labour Providers 10-point Manifesto for a Fairer Labour Market

Association of Labour Providers 10-point Manifesto for a Fairer Labour Market

The Association of Labour Providers (ALP) has launched a groundbreaking manifesto, outlining ten key priorities and policy proposals to transform the UK labour market. As a trusted voice representing both labour providers and businesses, the ALP aims to create a fair and inclusive environment that benefits workers and companies while promoting economic growth.

ALP’s proposals cover laws, migration and exploitation, tax and pay as the association campaigns for stronger workers rights and simpler legislation for businesses to make work pay for the working population. The declaration details:

Streamline Key Legislation:

  • Propose an annual Employment Bill to address employment rights, minimum wage, holiday entitlement, working time, and sickness absence.
  • Advocate for legislation that presumes an employment relationship for gig workers when platforms control and direct them, shifting the burden of proof to platforms.

Evidence-Based Immigration Policies:

  • Develop a fit-for-purpose immigration-to-work system that meets employer needs without disadvantaging resident workers.
  • Redefine the role of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) and produce an annual evidence-based report on labor shortages.
  • Investigate the estimated 1.2 million undocumented workers in the UK.

Promote Effective Consultation and Collaboration:

  • Work closely with business representatives to ensure practical, comprehensive regulations and guidance.

Combat Labour Exploitation:

  • Overhaul vetting, monitoring, and enforcement for businesses with sponsor licenses.
  • Address exploitation across immigration routes.

Enforce Work Rights:

  • Establish a well-governed Single Enforcement Body to remedy labor market regulation failures.
  • Extend recruiter licensing to health and care worker visa supply chains.
  • Monitor sectors like car washing, waste processing, and garment manufacture.

Provide Access to Justice:

  • Rebrand Acas as "The Work Rights Helpline" and centralize employment information on GOV.UK.
  • Offer detailed guidance to industry stakeholders.

Ensure a Flexible Labour Market:

  • Support mutually beneficial flexible working arrangements.
  • Review the legal right to "chain-leasing" and intermediary involvement.

Enhance Access to Work:

  • Address labour market policy, national skills, and Apprenticeship Levy reform.
  • Evaluate accommodation rules and transportation options.

Make Work Pay:

  • Implement a work tax and National Insurance strategy that truly encourages full-time employment.

Fair Payment Across Supply Chains:

  • Stricter adoption of the Prompt Payment Code into law, enforcing a mandatory 30-day maximum payment period and the power for businesses to charge late payment and interest charges.

Industrial director Terry McCormick said, “ALP raises some excellent points to streamline employment routes and rights for workers and business. We are particularly encouraged by the focus on the creation of a tax system that better rewards work and reduces exploitation.”