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18 February 2024

Navigating 2024’s Accountancy Hiring Landscape: Strategies for Businesses

Navigating 2024’s Accountancy Hiring Landscape: Strategies for Businesses

As accountancy professionals, you understand the dynamic nature of the industry. The year 2024 brings unique challenges and opportunities, and as accountancy experts, it’s crucial to adapt and thrive. Your business can invariably only do that through its people.

KPI’s Finance Recruitment Consultant Gemma Whittaker said: “Business leaders have to remember, recruitment isn’t just about filling positions; it’s about building a resilient workforce that complements each other, aligns itself with company goals and propels your business forward. By aligning your strategies with these trends, you’ll attract top-notch professionals and foster a culture of excellence.”

Here are the key strategies for 2024 to enhance your recruitment practices and ensure your business attracts and retains the best talent.

  1. Invest in Employee Growth
  • Personal Development Plans (PDPs) should be at the forefront. Encourage your team members to create individual PDPs that align with their career aspirations. By fostering continuous learning and skill development, you not only retain top talent but also position your business as an attractive employer and increase your appeal to potential clients.
  1. Embrace Technology and AI

The digital revolution is reshaping accountancy. Leverage technology to your advantage:

  • AI-Driven Recruitment Tools: Implement AI-powered solutions to streamline candidate sourcing, assessment, and matching. These tools enhance efficiency and accuracy and ensure you are completely impartial.
  • Practice Management Systems: Integrate AI into your practice management systems. Real-time insights, predictive analytics, and automated processes will empower your team.
  1. Flexible Work Models

The workforce landscape is evolving and COVID has been an accelerant to this phenomenon. Offering flexible work arrangements is important, even if it’s only to flag that you are prepared to compromise as an employer:

  • Hybrid Work: Blend remote and office-based work. It caters to diverse preferences and boosts productivity.
    • According to the CIPD, more than 10% of employees have changed careers due to a lack of flexible working options.  
    • Over 80 of people would like to work remotely at least one day per week (source ACCA)
    • More than 45% of roles advertised on LinkedIn are now described as ‘hybrid’
  • Well-Being Focus: Prioritize employee well-being. Flexibility contributes to work-life balance.
  1. Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Diverse teams drive innovation. Consider the following:

  • Inclusive Job Descriptions: Craft job descriptions that appeal to a wide range of candidates. Use inclusive language so you receive the widest variety of applicants.
  • Broad your Talent Pool: Attract talents from various backgrounds. Diverse perspectives enhance problem-solving and create new angles for your business to work from.
  • Select a diverse Interview Team: Including people with opposing perspectives will give your selection process a new dimension. It also negates the problem of appointing people in your own image.

“If all this sounds too much, there is, thankfully, a simple alternative: employ a specialist finance recruiter to do all of the above for you,” says Gemma.

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