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28 February 2024

Tackling the teacher shortage in England

Tackling the teacher shortage in England


As everyone talks about the economy, recession, inflation, the government, etc. let's talk about something that we believe at KPI Education is the real burning issue of current times: the shortage of teachers in England. It's a challenge we're passionate about tackling head-on, and we've been diving deep into the issue. A recent report from the House of Commons Library titled "Teacher Recruitment and Retention in England" has shed light on the situation, and we're here to explore how KPI Education is making a difference.

Understanding the Situation

As more students enter schools, there's a growing gap between the number of teachers needed and those available. Classrooms are getting overcrowded, and schools are struggling to find qualified educators to fill teaching positions. Compounding this challenge is the issue of teacher retention – many experienced educators are leaving the profession due to factors like workload, lack of support, and burnout. This exacerbates the recruitment issues, as schools not only need to find new teachers but also retain the ones they already have.

In a recent report from the CIPD, of all the sectors in the UK economy, Education had the highest percentage of vacancies that were defined as ‘hard-to-fill’ (52%). Every one of those vacancies that remains unfilled creates a problem for our children now and in the future. It's a problem that's putting pressure on our education system and our economy further ahead, and we're committed to finding solutions.

Expanding on Solutions

At KPI Education, we're all about nurturing talent and building a pipeline of skilled professionals ready to make a difference in education. We work closely with the best graduates, providing support and guidance as they embark on a rewarding career in teaching. Our goal is to make the teaching profession more appealing and accessible, ensuring that schools have access to the skilled educators they need to thrive.

Supporting Our Educators

Teaching is demanding work, and we understand the challenges that educators face. That's why we're dedicated to providing ongoing support and resources to our teachers. From mentorship programs to professional development opportunities, we're here to help our educators succeed and grow in their careers.

Coming Together

But we know that it will take a collaborative partnership with schools, policymakers, and communities to address the teacher shortage crisis. By working together, we can develop innovative solutions and create a brighter future for education in England.

Wrapping Up

So, that's where we stand on teacher shortages in England. It's a complex issue, but at KPI Education, we're committed to being part of the solution. By nurturing the next generation of talent and working together with our partners, we can make a real difference in education and ensure that every student has access to quality teaching. Let's keep the momentum going and build a better future for education in England, together. Want to read more articles like these, or be the first to see our jobs? Follow KPI Education on Facebook, LinkedIn, X or TikTok.