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28 June 2024

Tech news update w/e 28 June

Tech news update w/e 28 June

The latest Tech news updates from KPI Technology this week discuss: the positive effect of technology on recruitment, Parkinson’s disease breakthrough, AI music copyright challenged, electric car battery charging times to drop to 5 minutes, and new screen tech that ‘can do almost anything’.

Recruitment benefited by tech advances” say Carberry

REC CEO Neil Carberry says challenging candidate markets and rapid changes of technology favour specialists over DIY approaches. Read more here.

World's biggest music labels sue over AI copyright

Firms including Sony Music, Universal Music Group and Warner Records say Suno and Udio have committed copyright infringement on an "almost unimaginable scale". Full story here.

The screen tech that can do almost anything

Screens made using perovskite light emitting diode (PeLED) technology could lead to devices that are thinner, cheaper and have longer battery life. Read more here.

Parkinson's disease: 'It's as though I never had it', patient says
Non-invasive procedure haled as ‘miracle' treatment ends tremors using high-intensity focused ultrasound to affect part of the brain which controls movement. Read the full story here.

Electric car battery charges in under five minutes in track test
An electric car battery developed by UK start-up Nyobolt has successfully charged from 10% to 80% in four minutes and 37 seconds in its first live demonstration. Find out more here.