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21 June 2024

Tech news updates for week ending 21 June.

Tech news updates for week ending 21 June.

Your latest Tech news updates from KPI Technology this week discuss: AI affect on jobs, travel phishing scams, cyber-attackers, new EU chat laws and Tiktok’s battle with the US govt.

Is GenAI replacing jobs?
With heightened utilisation of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) are the fears about jobs being replaced justified? Tech leaders are surveyed, read the full story here.

Booking.com warns of up to 900% increase in travel scams.
The online hotel reservation portal is warning artificial intelligence is driving an explosion in phishing with attackers using AI to generate more convincing emails. Read the full story here.

Hospital ransomware attackers: “Don't blame us for people suffering.”
Russian cyber criminals site unspecified war to justify attack on London hospitals. Read the full story here.

EU chat control law proposes scanning your messages — even encrypted ones.
European Union is closing in on passing new laws to enforce the scanning of all digital communications, including encrypted messages. Read the full story here.

TikTok launches long-awaited legal battle with US govt.
Tik Tok’s Chinese owner wants to be prevented from being forced to sell the short video platform operations in the US, arguing it violates Americans' rights to free speech. Read more here.