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31 May 2024

Tech news updates for week ending 31 May

Tech news updates for week ending 31 May

Levelling up fund boosts new Institute of Technology with £1m investment
Stafford Borough Council has proposed funding from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) for a new £22.5 million Institute of Technology under construction in Stafford. The Institute is set to benefit from £1 million of government funding through the Levelling Up programme. Find out more here.

Programmers overtaken by Chefs for UK Skilled worker Visa Applications
According to a recent analysis, chefs have surpassed IT professionals as the most common occupation among migrants arriving in Britain on skilled worker visas. This shift reflects broader changes in the hiring landscape and highlights persistent labour shortages in crucial UK sectors...Read more here.

Acer’s Chromebooks are to get the latest version of Gemini
Chromebooks are to get the latest version of Gemini, Google’s rebranded AI platform.  Gemini and AI features from its other devices will be added to Chromebook Plus laptops which are out for release soon…find out more here.

AI products are ‘overhyped’ and ‘underused’ by most but the 18-24s
Researchers from the Reuters Institute and Oxford University surveyed 12,000 people in six countries, including the UK, with only 2% of British respondents saying they use such tools on a daily basis. But the study says young people are bucking the trend…read more here.

Cyborgs are coming: Robot thumb means you can open a bottle one-handed
We’ve all wished we had an extra pair of hands now and again right? Well, humanity has just taken a step closer with an extra thumb – paving the way for future robotic limbs… read more here.

Cybercrime assets ‘worth millions’ seized across 3 continents in Operation Endgame
The US and Europe have separately announced major takedowns of cybercrime networks that defrauded people of billions across the world… read more here.

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