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06 June 2024

Tech news updates for week ending 7 June

Tech news updates for week ending 7 June

Research finds flawed tech recruitment leaves a quarter of UK hires short of critical skills.
A 2024 study has found that a staggering 74% of UK tech businesses neglect to conduct relevant competency tests. Find out more here.

Slip aims to transform the sales receipt market with £2.5M funding.
Tech startup that redefines the role of receipts in retail, has raised £2.5 million in seed funding. Find out more here.

Digital rights groups slam proposal to use Facebook and Instagram posts as AI source.
Meta’s strategy to use peoples' social media posts and images as a resource for their AI products have been condemned by Noyb as an "abuse of personal data for AI". Read more here.

New heart failure AI tech could help save thousands of premature deaths.
An artificial intelligence algorithm, known as Find-HF, has been "trained" by Leeds University researchers to detect early symptoms of the condition using patient records. Find out more here.

NHS cyber-attack forces London hospitals to cancel operations.
Another ransomware episode causes “significant impact” on the delivery of services at Guy’s and St Thomas’, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Read more here.

Nvidia surpasses Apple as it’s value shoots past three trillion dollars.
US chip firm’s rapid climb that started last year, powered by speculation that the US firm is positioned to be a major player in AI, has taken on a new growth surge. Read more here.