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Stock Replenisher


Job ID: 5896271

Middlewich, Cheshire, England
£11.50 - 12.50 per hour

Job Type: Full Time


Join us on an exciting journey with KPI as we partner with one of the leading airline companies, operating from their warehouse hub in Middlewich.

We have over 50 fantastic opportunities waiting for you to become an essential part of the warehouse team.

Picture yourself amidst the bustling activity of an airline warehouse, where goods flow in and out to ensure smooth operations for every flight. Now, envision yourself as a Stock Replenisher, tasked with ensuring that trolleys are consistently stocked with essential items for airline passengers.

As a Stock Replenisher, your role is vital in the efficient functioning of the warehouse. You'll specialize in replenishing stock specifically tailored to meet the needs of airline passengers, from duty-free items to in-flight essentials. With great attention to detail, you'll ensure that every flight is equipped with the necessary supplies to enhance the passenger experience.

You'll have two shift options:

  • Days: 5:45am until 1:45pm - £11.50ph
  • Noons: 2:15pm until 10:15pm - £11.50ph rising to £12.50 after 6pm

You'll work 5 days a week on a fixed schedule (this may include weekends)

As part of this journey, you'll enjoy:

  • Competitive pay rates
  • A guaranteed 37.5 hours of work each week
  • Overtime opportunities
  • A clean and organized warehouse environment
  • Supportive teammates
  • Modern facilities and free parking

To join us, you'll need:

  • 2 years of work history
  • Passing a background check
  • Punctuality and reliability
  • A positive attitude and willingness to work as part of a team

Come join us at one of the leading airline companies and play a vital role in ensuring that every flight takes off smoothly with well-stocked provisions.

About KPI Recruiting:

Join us as we continue to set the standard for excellence in recruitment across the UK.

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