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Trusted By Many of the UK's major brands...

Our continued growth since our foundation in 2008, demonstrated by our appearance in Recruiter Magazine's FAST50 for the last three years, is testament to the high value, ultra-reliable staffing solutions we provide for some of the UK's biggest brands in retail and logistics. In a market full of operators offering virtually the same service, KPI provides something truly exclusive, demonstrated by our unique offering for medium-to-large industrial clients, something we believe no other agency can deliver. It’s a solution that is trusted by major UK companies in food production, third party logistics and retail warehousing. You can find out more here.

KPI’s expertise doesn't stop at Industrial Recruitment. Since 2008, KPI has been an innovative Commercial and Driver Recruitment agency and in 2015 we started providing staffing for Healthcare, followed by Technical & Engineering, Rail & Infrastructure, Hospitality, Executive, Education and Finance.  Our pioneering approach is in demand across ten sectors.

KPI Recruiting
Your Competitive Edge in Employment

We offer tailored services to boost your recruitment efforts. Our goal is to elevate your hiring game with our experience and insights, ensuring you attract top talent.

In a fiercely competitive market, we're your ideal partner. We understand that recruitment is a significant investment of time and resources. By forging a true partnership, we seamlessly integrate with your business, promoting your opportunities and engaging candidates effectively.

Let's collaborate on new attraction methods, attrition reduction, and cost-saving initiatives for both short-term goals and long-term success

We can help in almost every situation, as we have expertise in 10 different sectors.

Our Processes Are Simple And Straightforward
Detailed Enquiry
We gather the details of your enquiry from the rate of pay to the type of candidate you are looking to employ. By getting all the small details down, from skill sets to characteristics, it allows us to focus on our job of providing the ideal candidate. 
Once all details have been sent back over to you with a precise breakdown of the type of people you need to recruit and exact costs, we'll follow up to answer questions and get your sign off, so that we can start searching for the ideal candidates for your vacancy.
Candidate Search
We have an extensive database with candidates, access to job boards and offices where we have candidates regularly coming in to sign up with us. We then filter through our vast database, narrowing it down to the most suitable candidate for your business.
KPI strive to always improve, which is why we will be in touch to see how your first day went with candidate and also how their day went. This is so that we are sure we have provided you the best solution and that you are happy with the level of service.

Tell us about your vacancy now and let us tell the world!

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Why You Can Trust Us
KPI Recruiting is an ethical business, where doing things right is not just a motto; it's our way of life. Our creative approach is the driving force behind the positive results we consistently deliver. We prioritize building lasting client and candidate relationships, understanding that the foundation of any successful venture is trust and reliability. Going the extra mile is our standard, as we believe that exceptional efforts yield extraordinary outcomes. At our core, we are a team that works tirelessly for one another and values the importance of enjoying the journey. We're here to make a positive impact, every step of the way.