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03 June 2024

Unlocking Sales & Tips: The Rosé Revolution

Unlocking Sales & Tips: The Rosé Revolution

As the mercury rises and the allure of rosé wine grows, hospitality staff and businesses have a golden opportunity to capitalise on this trend. CGA by NIQ’s latest Wine Insights Report delves into the world of rosé, revealing key takeaways that can boost sales, increase tips and and enhance customer experiences.

  1. Versatility: A Winning Choice

Rosé boasts a devoted consumer base, with nearly half of its enthusiasts opting for it consistently. Notably, it appeals to both drink-led and food-led occasions—outperforming the average for all still wines. Whether celebrating special moments or enjoying lively nights out, rosé offers a versatile canvas for sales success.

  1. Casual Dining: The Ideal Setting

The relaxed image of rosé makes it a perfect fit for casual dining venues. Two-thirds of rosé consumers prefer it in laid-back restaurants, surpassing formal establishments, pubs, and late-night bars. Its approachability and adaptability make it a top choice for diverse clientele, plus it sits lighter on the palette than most whites and is generally lighter in alcohol than reds.

  1. Premiumisation Pays Off

Rosé has ridden the premiumisation wave in wine consumption. While standard rosé sales increased by 7.6% over a 12-month period, premium options surged by an impressive 18.9%. Businesses can tap into this growth by curating enticing selections and emphasising quality, giving well-trained staff ample opportunity for upselling.

  1. Recommendations Drive Sales

Guided by taste and quality, rosé enthusiasts are willing to pay more. Recommendations play a pivotal role—25% of drinkers are influenced by them. Highlighting tasting notes and suggesting premium rosé can lead to higher sales and satisfied customers – giving your staff the opportunity to gain sales for you and tips for them.

  1. Beyond Summer Vibes

Although rosé shines brightest during warm weather, it’s no longer confined to summer sipping. Over 56% of rosé aficionados enjoy it year-round. Businesses should promote rosé as a versatile choice for any season, expanding its appeal beyond sunny days.

Maximising Opportunities

KPI hospitality’s Business Development Manager Tony Lewis emphasised the opportunities existed across the sector.  “As Summer (hopefully) starts, rosé sales invariably rise, but there is more to it than just a warm weather drink, and it’s a fantastic hook for establishments to encourage food sales, especially at lunchtime when a lighter drink is often more fashionable.  Rosé’s popularity, however, is more than just a lunchtime tipple: bars and restaurants can gain sales by understanding consumption patterns by time of day and occasion to boost revenue all year round.

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