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08 July 2020

A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

When offering support to businesses during these unprecedented times Rishi Sunak said ………..

“we would be judged by our capacity for compassion”

Compassion is something that runs through the veins at KPI, a trait embedded in the company by the late co-founder of the
business Liz Howarth.  Liz was the first to step up in any
crisis and was known for going out of her way for offering
a helping hand to those in need.  In memory of Liz the
business has donated £10,000 a year to local charities
in her name, a figure that we have been able to increase annually ever since. We have taken on the challenge set down by the chancellor and have been able to offer two young people living on the streets in Crewe their own apartment.  We have helped support with the basic essentials and furnishings too and provide a path way to work assignments.

MD Ryan Jardine explained why he wanted to do this:

“what Rishi Sunak” said really hit home with me. The homeless have an increased vunerability during this pandemic and social distancing is nigh on impossible. We can’t solve the bigger issue but we can help these two young people to stay safe by providing them with a home and giving them the opportunity to find work and start building a future”