Our unique and bespoke software is designed for blue chip large users of temporary labour.

‘The Recruitment Eco-system’ gives you a complete holistic view of all aspects of the recruitment process, built for Finance, Operations, HR and enables agency users the speed of response for an efficient service.

Seen as a major disrupter in the managed service world, our technology gives autonomy and responsibility to trusted operations managers, whilst enabling HR managers to audit multiple sites simultaneously. It also gives finance managers endless possibilities to forecast, cap, authorise, prevent, and manage temporary labour spend.

Linked to our T&A system ‘the Recruitment Eco-system’ gives you real time data on attendees across your global sites, forecasted spend and in-motion costs.  It forecasts and tracks spend by department, cost centres, individual, site, purchase order and by authoriser. The comprehensive finance analysis enables finance departments to plan and react to changing demands, circumstances and budgeted spend instantly.

Designed to have everything in one place – all invoices, timesheets, compliance, costings, HR files, bookings, planners, and records of actions.  Across hundreds of sites, all information is compiled and accessed by layers of authorisation of users. It can manage thousands of temporary workers across multiple agency suppliers and provide a huge range of personalised management information to see trends, track performance and manage your temporary labour usage.

Contact ryan@kpir.co.uk to arrange a demo of ‘the Recruitment Eco-system’s’ capabilities.

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